A panel discussion led by Farnsworth Chief Curator Michael K. Komanecky

Lecture by Dr. Timothy J. Standring
Sunday, July 19, 1 p.m. at the Strand Theatre

This lecture examines the studio practices of Andrew and Jamie Wyeth for whom it could be said inspiration for many of their great works came in a flash. They would then seek to bring the fleeting idea to visible form while simultaneously striving to sustain the instantaneity of the moment. Both artists capitalize on the interplay between imagination, memory, and experience channeled through their dazzling technical abilities.

Lecture by Melissa Renn

LIFE magazine was a champion of American modernism, actively promoting the work of 20th-century artists and architects, including Thomas Hart Benton, Rockwell Kent, Frank Lloyd Wright, Georgia O'Keeffe, Stuart Davis, Jackson Pollock, and Andrew Wyeth. This lecture will explore the magazine's various collaborations with artists, architects, and curators, showing how LIFE shaped the public and the critical reception of modern art in the United States, as well as how LIFE influenced American artists from Robert Rauschenberg to Robert Indiana. This lecture compliments the Kosti and Andy exhibition.

To mark the opening of the exhibition Maine Collects, chief curator Michael Komanecky will give an illustrated overview of the exhibition, which includes works from some of the most important private collections in Maine. Learn more about the remarkable artistic treasures collected over the years by those who live in Maine or have strong ties to the state.

Cost: $8; $5 members. Will call tickets may be purchased here must be picked up at the Main Lobby admission desk the day of the event. Advance tickets are for sale in the museum store. Day-of tickets for sale at the main admission desk. 

This illustrated lecture will focus on the development of technologies related to residential heating, lighting, and plumbing from the early 19th century through the early 20th century and show how they relate to the Farnsworth family’s efforts to introduce these conveniences and comforts in their home during this period.  The Farnsworth house was built in 1850, just at the time when significant advances in comfort were beginning to be introduced into middle class homes in America.  Over the following seventy-five years, the technologies behind the comforts we take for granted today were greatly improved and widely adopted.  The presentation will show how the Farnsworth family benefited from these advances through the introduction of central heating, improved lighting, and indoor plumbing in their home.

Lecture I—
Insults and Envy:
The Master and the Upstart on the Streets of Florence
Wednesday, May 6
The Strand Theatre

Giorgio Vasari, the world’s first art historian, wrote in his groundbreaking Lives that Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti had a sdegno grandissimo or a “great hostility” towards one another. This two-part lecture series will uncover the source of that hostility and trace its eruptions and their consequences not only for these two unsurpassed masters, but also for the entire art world. Conducted by the Farnsworth’s Director of Education Roger Dell (former lecturer in the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Extension School), these illustrated lectures will examine specific architectural, sculptural, and painting projects during which these celebrated artists had some interaction with each other or were in direct competition with each other.

Join us for a special gallery tour of 3D: Contemporary Works from the Farnsworth, with Associate Curator Jane Bianco
Cost: Free with admission

John Bisbee, Zero, Collection of the Farnsworth Art Museum


Join us for a special gallery tour of Andrew Wyeth: Temperas and Watercolors, with Exhibition Curator Amy Morey. 
Cost: Free with admission



Andrew Wyeth, Oil Lamp, 1945 tempera © Andrew Wyeth. Collection of Phyllis and Jamie Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth, Oil Lamp, 1945 tempera © Andrew Wyeth. Collection of Phyllis and Jamie Wyeth