Adult Studio Art

This introduction to silk painting will provide participants of all skill levels the opportunity to produce beautiful and original works of art on silk. Together we will learn how to stretch silk onto a frame, how to apply gutta/resist, and how to apply silk paints and dyes. Through a variety of techniques, we will learn how to create clean patterns and images, and create different shades and textures—with the ultimate goal of creating beautiful images. The first day will be focused on learning different techniques, and the second day will be focused on creating a finished piece—either a scarf or a wall hanging.

In this week-long poetry workshop with award-winning poet Kathleen Ellis, participants will expand their range of writing styles by exploring new strategies and techniques. Using contemporary poems and artwork at the Farnsworth Museum & local galleries, we will jump-start new poems based on pop art and Robert Rauschenberg’s “combines” and assemblages. Poets and visual artists of all levels welcome.

In this week-long workshop with poet Kathleen Ellis we will explore connections between memory—truthful or fanciful—and history. How can language assuage or deepen our connections to the past? How do these events shape our values and world views, from our own identity to the plight of immigrants to climate change? Using current exhibits at the museum and local art galleries, photographs, historical events, and a range of poetic styles and techniques, we will jump-start new poems based on our experience and imagination. Open to intermediate and advanced poets and those who have taken at least two of Ellis’ previous workshops.

In this introductory workshop, students will use careful observation as well as pencil and watercolor to create a detailed, full-color illustration of a natural history subject. After beginning with a brief overview of the basic history, principles, and conventions of scientific illustration, students will work one-on-one with specimens to create studies that include careful notes and sketches of the anatomy, shapes, colors, and other details of their subjects. Students will use these studies to then create an accurate and finished watercolor on hot-pressed paper.
Cost: $120, $100 members (includes materials fee.)

Karen Talbot is an award-winning conservation artist known primarily for her lifelike, fine art paintings of fishes, birds and botanicals.

Saturdays, March 5 to May 7, 1 to 4 p.m.

Monday through Friday, March 14-18, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In this week-long workshop with poet Kathleen Ellis, participants
will expand their range of poetry writing styles, and explore new strategies
for re-energizing their work with mystery and surprise. Using models of
contemporary poets as well as current exhibits at the Farnsworth & local art
galleries, we will jump-start new poems based on what we see, read, imagine,
and re-vision. Poets and visual artists of all levels welcome.

When decorating eggs in the Ukrainian style, designs are drawn on the egg with melted beeswax, which flows from a tool called a Kystka. The eggs are then dipped in a series of dyes and the final pattern is revealed when the wax is removed. The Pysanka, a decorated egg, was common among Slavic peoples as far back as 5,000 B.C. and became deeply important in spring rituals, symbolizing nature’s rebirth. All materials will be provided for this workshop. Space is open to 25 participants and is recommended for families with children 8 years old and up. Adults without accompanying children are welcome to attend as well.

Saturdays, March 19 – April 16, 9 a.m. to noon
The goal of this course is to practice seeing and representing the figure using fundamental methods of drawing based on principles used since the 19th century. After a series of demos by the instructor, students begin with block-in drawing, learning to see the figure as a whole, and then clearly develop proportions and gesture in a linear way. After, students will start a long pose drawing, which is developed to completion, starting with a loose drawing and progressing to a highly finished and modeled figure drawing. Proper proportion, beautiful gesture, correct anatomy, and an understanding of the relationship between large and small forms will be stressed throughout the course.