Unseen Treasures: The Cawley Collection of Wyeth Archival Material

  • N.C. Wyeth, Cover for Cavalcade of America by Carl Carmer, book, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cawley, 2015
  • N.C. Wyeth, Cover Country Life in America, book, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cawley, 2015
May 21, 2016 - October 30, 2016
Wyeth Center

In 2015, the Farnsworth was the recipient of a treasure trove of Wyeth archival material from the late Charles Cawley and his wife Julie.  The material includes many books, journals, magazines (such as American History, American Heritage, Downeast magazine, The Mentor, Scribners, and Vanity Fair, among others), and exhibition catalogues and brochures in which the works of the Wyeths, especially the family patriarch N.C., are featured.  The exhibition highlights a selection of works from the Cawley gift as well as Wyeth artworks given to the museum by the Cawleys and MBNA, the highly successful credit card company founded and led by Charles Cawley. 

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