Stories of the Land and Its People

  • Photograph by Marley P., 2012, Grade 4, Untitled, Digital Photography
May 19, 2013 - September 01, 2013
Julia's Gallery

The Stories of the Land and Its People project is a yearlong arts integration initiative in midcoast public schools, in which students work with museum educators, professional artists, classroom teachers, art teachers, and community members to tell the story of their community through art.

Rockland District Middle School participating teacher, Rachel Campbell, states, “I believe this photography project provides several opportunities to students. It incorporates art into their lives and they are able recognize their own artistic ability. They also are given the chance to learn more and appreciate their own communities.”
In its second year, the SLIP project has expanded from 140 to 240 local students.
Participating schools include fourth and seventh grade classes from Appleton, Islesboro, Lincolnville, and Rockland. In this project, students work with Education Project Manager Andrea Curtis and professional artists Charlotte Dixon, Reid Elem, and Matthew Smolinksy in the classroom to connect aesthetic education to classroom learning.
The Stories of the Land and Its People project is generously supported by the Arthur K. Watson Charitable Trust, Jane’s Trust, Chichester duPont Foundation, Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation, Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Cascade Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. McSpadden, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Campbell, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot.
Participating Schools (Approximately 240 students)
South Elementary School, Rockland, Grade 4
Rockland District Middle School, Grade 7
Appleton Village School, Grade 4
Appleton Village School, Grade 7
Islesboro Central School, Grade 4
Islesboro Central School, Grade 7
Lincolnville Central School, Grade 4
Lincolnville Central School, Grade 7

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