Four in Maine

  • Four in Maine
  • Susan Groce, One of 64 drawings from Australian Travel Journal; mixed media
  • Chris Pinchbeck, Hay Harvest, 2001; direct positive pinhole photograph; 27"x73"
  • Sam Van Aken High Lonesome, 2007-2008 Video still, Berlin, Germany
  • Brian White, White Dress, 2004; tropical shells, fresco, metal; life size
March 07, 2009 - May 24, 2009
Morehouse Wing

The Farnsworth is showcasing four artists whose work reveals not only their distinct artistic personalities, but also the diverse approaches to the nature of art making in Maine today.

Susan Groce is a professor and chair of the department of art at the University of Maine in Orono. The subjects of her large, wall-sized prints, drawings, and books are based on both the vast landscapes in Australia and the American Southwest, and the infinitely small worlds visible through an electron microscopes.

Chris Pinchbeck, a photographer from Hope, Maine, has created striking, six-foot wide panoramic landscape views using one of the earliest photographic methods – the pinhole camera. He built his own “camera,” basically a small trailer with a hole in its side that functions as the camera’s lens, which he has driven to sites around Rockland as well as to the American Southwest. Chris’s pinhole photographs have been featured on the PBS television series, “True North.”

Sam Van Aken, former professor of art the University of Maine, creates interactive installations whose purpose is to convey the message that all of us are part of a larger whole. Van Aken is creating a site-specific work especially for this exhibition, providing one of the first opportunities for the Farnsworth’s audience to experience the impact of new media on the art-making world.

Brian White, born in Friendship and now living and working in Union, Maine, combines shells, glass, fabric, metal, and found objects to create intriguing works objects that are often part sculpture, part clothing, and part assemblage. Largely self-trained as an artist, White has created a distinctive body of work which reveals his fascination for the kinds of objects he has been exposed to in a family of antique dealers, which he is himself.

Together, the work of these four artists celebrates the creativity and diversity of contemporary art in Maine, and the Farnsworth’s long-time commitment to showing the work of living artists in our region.
This project has been supported by a grant from the Artists' Resource Trust.

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