Arnold Newman

  • Arnold Newman, Self Portrait: Studio, New York City,1987,  1987 B/W Modern 7 x 7 ΒΌ inches. Arnold Newman/Getty Images
  • Arnold Newman, Robert Indiana, Studio, New York, NY, 1971, 8x10 VUS. Arnold Newman/Getty Images
  • Arnold Newman, Arno Minkkinen, New york, NY, 2005 B/W Modern 11 7/8 x 9 15/16 inches. Arnold Newman/Getty Images
  • Arnold Newman, Grandma Moses, 1949 B/W Modern 11 x 14 inches. Arnold Newman/Getty Images
March 27, 2010 - January 16, 2011
Craig Gallery

Arnold Newman (1918-2006) was one of the world’s foremost portrait photographers. His pictures of many prominent subjects, set in intimate surroundings related to their professions and personalities, set a new standard in the field in the post-World War II age of picture magazines. Newman’s association with Maine developed over a decades-long involvement with the Maine Photographic Workshop (now Maine Media Workshops). Among his subjects were some of America’s best-known artists, many of whom themselves had Maine connections: Berenice Abbott, Milton Avery, Red Grooms, Edward Hopper, Robert Indiana, Alex Katz, John Marin, Louise Nevelson, Kenneth Noland, Italo Scanga, Paul Strand, Joyce Tenneson, Neil Welliver, and Andrew Wyeth. The exhibition will celebrate Arnold Newman’s career, with particular emphasis on his own Maine connections.

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