Everyman Repertory Theatre: Three Chekhov Vaudevilles

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 10:30am
The Strand Theatre, Rockland
The Farnsworth Art Museum in alliance with the Lincoln Center Institute presents a free public performance of Everyman Repertory Theatre's Three Chekhov Vaudevilles.  as part of the 2013 Lincoln Center Institute International Educator Workshops at the Farnsworth.

In Three Chekhov Vaudevilles, Everyman Repertory Theater performs a comic collection of short plays written by Russian writer Anton Chekhov, adapted and translated by Michael Frayn. These lively, laugh-out-loud shorts celebrate the foibles and eccentricities of human nature. Written in the late 1800’s as farces, or “jokes,” The Bear, The Evils of Tobacco, and The Proposal feature a wide variety of recognizable characters who find themselves in the throes of absurd misunderstandings and intentions gone awry. Good fun for all ages!

The show embraces the pure theatricality of three actors playing seven roles in three short plays. Referencing the early vaudeville years of this country, the production mirrors a troupe of turn of the century American immigrants performing light summer entertainment in a beautiful hall. Different accents are heard for different characters; from Russian, to Irish, to American with the focus of the production centering on the actor’s craft and how magically one can be transported by the actor into different worlds. 

The Everyman Repertory Theatre's mission is to present high quality, creative and engaging theatre for people from all age groups living in mid-coast Maine through the efforts of a corps of professional actors, designers and directors who live and work in Maine, while seeking to collaborate with local community and non-profit arts organizations to increase accessibility to the widest possible audience.
This performance is free of charge and no reservations are necessary.
The Farnsworth’s strategic alliance with Lincoln Center Institute is made possible through funding support provided by the Arthur K. Watson Charitable Trust, Cabot Family Charitable Trust, Peter and Barbara McSpadden, and other supporters.



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