Lincoln Center Education's International Educator Workshops—2014

July 21, 2014
Monday through Friday
Gamble Education Center


Join us for an exciting and inspiring week of world-class professional development.  Led by three teaching artists from Lincoln Center Education in New York City, this educational and artistic immersion in imaginative teaching and learning will energize your teaching practice with new insights and approaches.
Full tuition scholarships and lodging assistance available to any full-time K-12 teacher in Maine.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the Farnsworth will be hosting the Lincoln Center Education's International Educator Workshop. This program is for educators and arts administrators who are interested in learning about imaginative teaching and learning through aesthetic education. Participants will experience performances and visual artworks, guided by art-making explorations that have been designed by Institute Teaching Artists.

The workshop contains:
  • 30 contact hours of artistic and educational discovery across 5 days
  •  Individual, small, and whole group discussions; experiential activities; research; and reflection
  • Dedicated time to explore and develop an understanding of the pedagogy of imaginative teaching and learning and gain strategies for bringing it back for implementation in one’s own practice
This year’s workshop will take place on:
  • July 21-25 for the Introductory Educator Workshop
  • July 18 and 19 for the Advanced Educator Workshop
For more information on how to register for this program, please contact Denise Mitchell at 207-596-6457 ext 103.

* The Farnsworth’s strategic alliance with Lincoln Center Education is made possible through funding support provided by the Arthur K. Watson Charitable Trust, Cabot Family Charitable Trust, Peter and Barbara McSpadden, and other supporters.



Lincoln Center in New York City
New York City's Lincoln Center


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Phone Number: 
207-596-6457 ext 103
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